Offline Video Browser (OVB)

We've taken our mapping of the Khan Academy to the SA Curriculum and built it into a searchable offline video browser (OVB) - essentially a 16GB flashdrive containing the videos wth an easily browsable interface. You can watch a demo of how it works here.

The OVB contains almost all of the maths videos, as well as several playlists on biology, chemistry, physics and so on. It's very snappy, works on Windows, Mac and various strains of Linux, and is happiest in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It also has a handy Search box which allows you to rapidly find the video you're looking for.

How to Get Hold of a Copy

The offline video browser is currently ~15GB in size.  So rather than have you download it from our website, we're distributing it on USB flash drives, at cost and under a Creative Commons License. 

If you'd like to get hold of a copy, simply email with your contact details and postal address.  We'll send you a quote based on the current cost of flash drives and postage to your specific location.